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    Find out more about electrical services below.

    Air conditioning

    Heat pumps are the most convenient, controllable and efficient form of electrical heating, plus, when the summer heat gets too much, just press the button and they’ll start cooling. But one size does not fit all, GoFox can recommend and install the most appropriate heat pump for your home with the features that will benefit you.

    Alterations and Re-Wiring

    Using a builder or doing it yourself, if any electrical services are involved, you’re going to need a qualified electrician. Our GoFox Team can isolate the area under renovation, then install all the new wiring, lights and electrical fixtures as per your requirements. When your renovations are complete, you’ll have peace of mind that all work complies with current New Zealand standards.

    Architectural Builds

    Looking for electrical fixtures to match the architectural features of your new home? Talk to GoFox about the many options to make you home stand out from others. Options range from one coloured switch to designer series fixtures through the entire home.

    Audio Visual & Television

    Just want to watch TV shows, the occasional movie or replicating the full cinema or stadium experience.  The GoFox team can advise your options and complete the installation, from the TV aerial, data connections for streaming, to a full home theatre installation.


    There are home automation options for everybody, from simply turning on the light when you walk into the bathroom or pantry to controlling every aspect of you home. Talk to the team at GoFox about your goals and we’ll show you how we can make this happen.

    Data Outlets

    WIFI is great, but it’s not perfect. Get 100% stable, secure, high speed data where you need it with CAT6 data outlets, perfect for accessing cloud services, streaming, gaming and even WIFI repeaters.

    EV Charger Installation

    If you have purchased an Electric Vehicle or planning for the future, GoFox can install the wiring and outlets required to safely charge your EV.

    Fault Finding and Electrical Repairs

    Electricity is very reliable but wear and tear, damage and faults do occur. Some are inconvenient, others can create a safety, hygiene or even a fire hazard. Don’t take the risk, give yourself and family piece of mind and call GoFox to have an electrician check and repair or replace the faulty items


    Not all locations suit or justify a heat pump. Small areas, infrequent use or outdoor spaces maybe better suited to panel, fan or radiant heaters. Ask the GoFox team about installing the best heating for any location.

    LED Lighting Upgrades

    The old standard & halogen lights generated more heat than light, LED produce the same light with much less heat.  LED Lights can save hundreds of dollars per year and last 25-50 times longer than other lights. Cooler operation means lights don’t need ventilation holes, letting heat escape your home… or spiders in.

    Lighting Design

    The right light in the right place can make your home or outdoor spaces really shine. Lights contribute to safety in areas from the kitchen to the garden path. Our team and advise, design and install a lighting solution to match your requirements.

    New Home Wiring

    Planning a new build? Talk to GoFox and we can work through the options with you, advise fixtures, lighting and services to meet the requirements of your new home now and into the future. At installation time we’ll work with your builders to ensure all electrical services are installed on time and the finished work is certified to comply with legal standards.

    Outdoor Power

    Using power outside is safe, if it’s done correctly. GoFox electricians can install outdoor power services for your spa pool, BBQ, outdoor tools or garden feature, through to caravan outlets or wiring up an external building.

    Pre-purchase and Safety Assessments

    If you own or are purchasing an older home, get the peace of mind that the wiring and fixtures are safe and up to modern standards. If work is required GoFox can advise and arrange to undertake the upgrades. In many cases lenders and insurance companies may require inspections prior to offering services.

    Security Cameras

    Protect your family, home and assets with a closed circuit tv solution. With options including 24/7 recording, intercoms, gate and door control, the GoFox team can recommend and install a solution that meets your needs.

    Smoke alarm Installation

    While battery smoke alarms are convenient, not everybody is able to install and maintain their own. The GoFox team will install, check or replace your alarms as required. We can also supply and install centrally powered alarms to avoid flat batteries in the future.

    Switch Board Upgrades

    Many older home switchboards are constructed of asbestos, don’t have the capacity or safety features of modern switchboards. Upgrading to a modern construction, using modern circuit breakers and including residual current devices (RCDs) makes the home safer with capacity for modern requirements.


    You can spend a lot of money heating wet air, but it will still feel cold, the solution is ventilation. From simple extractor fans to balanced pressure energy recovery ventilation systems there is a solution for every type of home and budget.

    Apartments & Multi-dwelling Buildings

    Building, renovating or just maintenance, multi-dwelling buildings have special considerations. GoFox electricians will work with lead contractors or property managers to coordinate access and provide the required services at the right time.

    Fault Finding and Electrical Repairs

    When faults are reported you need to act promptly, whilst many electrical faults are only inconvenient or annoying, some may create a significant safety or hygiene hazard. The GoFox team can provide piece of mind by contacting your tenants and arrange access to assess and either report back or immediately resolve the issue.

    Healthy Homes

    All residential properties should be Healthy Homes. When the property is rental, additional requirements are legislated with penalties if they are not meet. The GoFox team can complete an electrical assessment and as required advise and implement any changes required.


    Residential rental properties are required to have adequate safe and efficient fixed heating source. In most cases the best solution to meet this requirement with low maintenance and long term reliability is a quality heat pump. GoFox can recommend the most appropriate heat pump for your property and make arrangements with tenants for the installation.

    Pre-purchase and Safety Assessments

    If you own or are purchasing an older home, get the peace of mind that the wiring and fixtures are safe and up to modern standards. If work is required GoFox can advise and arrange to undertake the upgrades. In many cases lenders and insurance companies may require inspections prior to offering services.

    Property Assessment

    Don’t risk allowing a tenant to move into a no compliant property. Get GoFox to provide a property assessment to confirm you heating, ventilation, cooking and water heating are present and working correctly and resolve if required. We’ll even check the smoke alarms for you.

    Smoke alarm installation

    Providing operational smoke alarms is a legal requirement for all residential tenancies. GoFox Electricians can install, test and service these alarms, ensuring your tenants have the maximum protection and your property is legal to occupy.


    Preventing moisture build up is a healthy home requirement, primarily to prevent respiratory illness and mould growth. From fans for wet areas to a system to ventilate the whole property, GoFox can advise and install a solution to meet the requirements of each property.

    CCTV Camera Installation

    Close Circuit TV has become a key safety tool for the health and safety of customers and employees as well as preventing theft of stock and plant. Discuss your requirements with our GoFox team and they’ll recommend and install a solution to meet your needs.

    Data and Communication

    Businesses need computers and the most reliable way to connect computers is via CAT6 data cables. Faster and more reliable than WIFI, CAT6 can also be used for phones, eftpos terminals, printers and many other devices.

    Emergency Lighting

    Battery backed emergency lighting allows customers and employees to safely exit building in an emergency or even continue working during a power outage. Discuss your requirements with the GoFox team and we wil tailor a solution for your business.

    Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

    Equipment Servicing and Maintenance – With our team’s commercial and industrial background we can provide electrical service and maintenance on most plan and machinery.


    When your business is out of the city, you’ll have special needs. Safety and environmental risks must be managed carefully, plant and equipment is often outdoors and portable. The GoFox team can help with your agriculture requirements from pumping and dairy sheds to backup generators and portable equipment.

    Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

    Ergonomics and efficiency are very important commercial spaces. Staff who are uncomfortable will be less productive. Solutions to introduce fresh air, while regulating the temperature, into large spaces requires considered design. Talk to the team at GoFox about most economical way the manager your workspaces.


    Reliability, safety and total cost of operation should be key considerations for industrial installations. Avoid downtime from failures, or worse accidents, by getting your plant installed and maintained correctly.


    Light is also critical to productivity and safety in offices, warehouses and the factory floor. Lighting up large areas can take a lot of energy, so it not only important to have the right light, but efficient lighting can save a lot of money. Talk to the team a GoFox to get the right light in the right place with the most efficient operating cost.

    New Builds and Refits

    Building new commercial premises or refitting a leased building. The GoFox team can help you with all aspects of your project, from a temporary power supply, through to the fully commissioned result. The GoFox team have electrical experience in retail, hospitality, office spaces, warehouses, manufacturing.

    Signage, Security and Outdoor Lighting

    Lighting up a single sign, a loading bay, work yard or dairy shed. The team at GoFox can design and install an outdoor lighting solution to highlight you business, provide a safe work area or deter unwanted activity.


    Need a reliable electrician to complete your customer’s project. From consolation to quotation, planning and installation the GoFox team can work with your team, your customer and other sub-contractors, to complete your project to a standard your customer will expect.

    Test & Tag

    Getting GoFox electrical to test your appliances for faults and damage makes sense. It gives you the peace of mind that your customers & employees are using equipment that is safe from the dangers of electrical faults.