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A national network of locally owned and operated franchises providing residential, rural, commercial, and industrial Electrical and Plumbing services.

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What GoFox Customers Are Saying About Our Services

We provide the hightest quality service to our customers.


Reliable, customer focused and highly recommended

Building a strong reputation and earning respect requires diligence and dedication — a principle ingrained in our GoFox team. While prioritising excellence in our workmanship, we remain committed to delivering superior customer service and ensuring prompt project completion.

Each GoFox franchise operates under local ownership, meaning direct engagement with local electricians and plumbers. This localised approach enables us to understand your needs and tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

As part of the GoFox group, your local electrician or plumber gains access to extensive national resources. This affords them the ability to offer competitive pricing through group purchasing agreements with nationally recognised, reputable suppliers, while tapping into the collective expertise and networks within the broader GoFox community.


Why choose GoFox?

Nationwide Coverage

We have 15 locally owned and operated franchises across Aotearoa.

Skilled Plumbers

Certified and experienced plumbers and gas fitters delivering high quality, reliable services near you.

Skilled Electricians

Find a registered electrician delivering safe, high quality services in an area near you.

Great Value

Our national buying power means we can provide competitive quotes to our customers.

Highly Recommended

94% of surveyed customers would recommend GoFox to their friends and family.


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Is it time to start a GoFox Franchise?

Whether starting from scratch, or transforming an existing business, we provide the brand, marketing, systems support and national buying power needed to run a successful business in the electrical and plumbing industries.

Why waste time searching for the best supply? GoFox leverages our partnerships and group purchasing power to help franchisees secure contracts, competitive services and pricing from top-tier, trustworthy partners and suppliers.

We help our franchises stand out from the crowd with a memorable brand that comes highly recommended by our customers throughout New Zealand.


Why Join GoFox?

Being a part of the GoFox group has a family dynamic to it in the sense that you’re always supported through training and always able to interact and lean on the other Franchisees.


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When starting a new GoFox franchise, business owners can leverage our brand and national buying power so they can hit the ground running. We also have a 12 month money back guarantee that significantly lowers risk when starting out.


GoFox Master Franchise Owner

Being a national franchise means that we can offer great rates because of the national buying power. It also means that we have a large knowledge base throughout NZ to draw on when needed.


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