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    GoFox, your go to team for all electrical & plumbing services

    The GoFox Vision

    To become New Zealand’s first choice for all electrical & plumbing services through earned reputation and respect.

    GoFox understands earning respect is not easy. It will take sustained hard work and our team are committed to this.

    Feedback on the GoFox experience is offered to all clients. This is used to ensure we are building the best reputation possible.

    Nobody gets everything right first time. So if something goes off course, we’ll take action to correct that as quickly as possible.

    Achieving Our Vision

    Benefit now as our electricians and plumbers strive toward the GoFox Vision
    • Timely delivery
    • Promise of care and skill
    • Appropriate work for customers’ needs
    • Well-presented, professional employees
    • Ensure responsibility of material supplied
    • Honour manufacturer’s guarantees
    • Meet and frequently exceed our customers’ expectations

    Meet the Team behind GoFox Electrical and Plumbing

    A great customer experience requires good people with good systems, operating a successful businesses

    Behind our franchises there is a team focused on:

    • Selecting the right people
    • Quality & performance
    • Marketing & growth
    • Systems & technology
    • Supply chain and product
    • Managerial & financial oversite
    Mike Fraser – Managing Director

    After graduating from Auckland University with an honours degree in civil engineering, Mike spent a number of years in the engineering industry before moving into the health industry where he held several senior management positions.

    In 2002 he joined the Rodney G.J. Gardner Homes franchise becoming managing director after an initial 12 month period. With the help of his fellow Directors they significantly grew the business and increased their market share even in the toughest of economic times.

    G.J. Gardner homes Rodney not only grew to be the most successful individual franchise in G.J. Gardner’s internationally, but also was recognised as the most respected single franchise building business in New Zealand.

    With Mike’s competitive drive, high work ethic and determined focus, G.J.’s Rodney dominated its market and grew to consistently build over 100 homes per year. In reflection of this Rodney won the coveted G.J. Gardner Homes International Franchise of the year (contested by over 120 franchises worldwide) for 5 of Mikes last 6 years at the franchise.

    In 2013 Mike was invited by Grant and Ellie Porteous to join the NZ G.J. Gardner Homes Master Franchise, a business they had led for the last 14 years. G.J. Gardner’s New Zealand has been for well over a decade now New Zealand’s most successful building group, and franchise organisation in the NZ building industry. In Mike’s role as the Operations Director, working closely with Grant and Ellie, he gained invaluable experience of how a very successful franchise network operates. His varied role included being actively involved in working with Franchisees to ensure they maximised their businesses.

    Together seeking further challenges and wanting to bring further success and professionalism to other sectors of the industry, in late 2014 Mike investigated the opportunity to establish an electrical & plumbing franchise network. After consultation with many in the electrical & plumbing industry and detailed research, GoFox electrical & plumbing was established in early 2015.

    With a wealth of experience in running a franchise business and 13 years of working in New Zealand’s most successful franchise group , Mike is ideally placed to lead the GoFox team to achieving their goal of becoming the Number One electrical & plumbing franchise network in NZ.

    Brent Lang – General Manager

    Brent has held a variety of senior business roles primarily within the construction industry with an in-depth experience across operations, sales, procurement, training & development, strategy, plus change management.

    This has included working successful tenures within organisations such as Carters, G.J. Gardner Homes Head Office, and the B&D Group.

    A competitive nature expressed in sports such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Brent has a genuine passion for operational excellence, continuous improvement and delivering exceptional customer service.

    Brent’s well-rounded background and experience brings value to the GoFox organisation through his day-to-day leadership and general endeavours with three main focuses:
    1. Support and mentoring of the GoFox franchisees, while working on creating value for the wider GoFox organisation.
    2. Exploring opportunities with electricians and plumbers interested in joining the GoFox team as franchisees.
    3. Overseeing the relationships and negotiations with GoFox national preferred suppliers.

    Paul Graham – Systems Analyst

    Entering the New Zealand workforce in the late 1980s employment vacancies were scarce and coveted apprenticeships were almost absent. Paul’s first role was with a company specialising in the installation of computer cabling.

    Using skills shared with electricians but working to different regulations and standards. The industry evolved quickly, witnessing the introduction of Type 1 cable and evolution to Type 2, Cat 3, 4, 5, & 6, fibre optics and satellite communications.

    Paul’s focus moved from installation of cables to the technology at the ends of the cable, satellite receivers, TV Distribution and ultimately becoming a PABX technician. Focus then moved to supporting the end users of this technology and his first speciality support role coming with a national franchise group, with over 1800 employees, in the travel industry.

    In 2008 Paul accepted role with a small New Zealand company designing and building engineering test equipment. Supporting New Zealand and Australian customers directly, he also provided second tier support to the local teams in the US, China and Middle East. Understanding his customers, their needs and frustrations, Paul become the “Customer Advocate” within the design team, until the business was acquired by a large multinational and ultimately relocated the America.

    Joining GoFox as employee number 1, Paul has developed a great understanding of the tools and resources available to make a franchised service business run smoothly and efficiently. Providing both support and training to the franchisees he takes great satisfaction from witnessing their success and growth.

    William Chen – Accountant

    William graduated from University of Otago with a double major in Accounting and Finance. Whilst studying he explored the education sector as one of the faculty tutors and research assistants. Currently he is completing his CPA certification and Master for Professional Accountant qualification.

    After graduating William has spent most of his career in the accounting and finance field. He was employed at G J Gardner Homes Christchurch North as a company accountant. In 2018 William established his own accountancy practice supporting clients, including GJ Gardner, in person and remotely.

    William’s interest is everything money and he’s always thinking about budgeting, financial planning and investment. Away from work he likes to spend his time with family and during the weekend you may find him, with his son, at different playgrounds around Christchurch.

    Join the GoFox Team

    Electrician and Plumber Positions at GoFox

    GoFox Franchisees are regularly looking for skilled and qualified employees.
    You’ll need to be a reliable and customer focused electrician or plumber to join our team. If that sounds like you, please refer to our Careers Page from more information.

    Your Own Electrical or Plumbing Business

    Considering starting your own business? Maybe you want to take your current business forward?
    Take a look at our Business Opportunities page to see what an Electrician or Plumber can achieve as part of the GoFox group?