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About Us

About Us

The same team that took G.J. Gardner Homes to become NZ’s Number One building company for the last 10 years, are on the way to replicating similar success in the electrical & plumbing industry with the establishment of the GoFox electrical & plumbing franchise network.

GoFox electrical & plumbing aims to bring a more coordinated, national approach to the electrical & plumbing contracting industry. An approach that will turn great “tradesmen” into outstanding “businessmen”, getting them off the tools so they can spend more time working “on” their business rather than “in” them.

GoFox electrical & plumbing are proud to introduce their leadership team who have the resources, experience and expertise as franchisors to make GoFox electrical & plumbing NZ’s Number One electrical & plumbing franchise network.

Mike Fraser

Mike Fraser - Managing Director - GoFox Electrical and Plumbing

Managing Director

After graduating from Auckland University with an honours degree in civil engineering, Mike spent a number of years in the engineering industry before moving into the health industry where he held several senior management positions.

In 2002 he joined the Rodney G.J. Gardner Homes franchise becoming managing director after an initial 12 month period. With the help of his fellow Directors they significantly grew the business and increased their market share even in the toughest of economic times.

G.J. Gardner homes Rodney not only grew to be the most successful individual franchise in G.J. Gardner’s internationally, but also was recognised as the most respected single franchise building business in New Zealand.

With Mike’s competitive drive, high work ethic and determined focus, G.J.’s Rodney dominated its market and grew to consistently build over 100 homes per year. In reflection of this Rodney won the coveted G.J. Gardner Homes International Franchise of the year (contested by over 120 franchises worldwide) for 5 of Mikes last 6 years at the franchise.

In 2013 Mike was invited by Grant and Ellie Porteous to join the NZ G.J. Gardner Homes Master Franchise, a business they had led for the last 14 years. G.J. Gardner’s New Zealand has been for well over a decade now New Zealand’s most successful building group, and franchise organisation in the NZ building industry. In Mike’s role as the Operations Director, working closely with Grant and Ellie, he gained invaluable experience of how a very successful franchise network operates. His varied role included being actively involved in working with Franchisees to ensure they maximised their businesses.

Together seeking further challenges and wanting to bring further success and professionalism to other sectors of the industry, in late 2014 Mike investigated the opportunity to establish an electrical & plumbing franchise network. After consultation with many in the electrical & plumbing industry and detailed research, GoFox electrical & plumbing was established in early 2015.

With a wealth of experience in running a franchise business and 13 years of working in New Zealand’s most successful franchise group , Mike is ideally placed to lead the GoFox team to achieving their goal of becoming the Number One electrical & plumbing franchise network in NZ.

Ellie Porteous

Ellie Porteous - Director - GoFox Electrical and Plumbing


After qualifying as an accountant Ellie gained extensive experience in the accounting and systems fields working for a number of large NZ corporates in senior financial positions. Throughout her career Ellie has not only been respected, and achieved strong success, through her financial, accounting and systems knowledge but by her no-nonsense leadership style. As an accountant with a unique ability to understand and add value to the operational needs of any business.

In 2004 her husband Grant coaxed her from her corporate success, to join him leading the NZ Master Franchise for G.J. Gardner Homes New Zealand as it’s General Manager. 

Ellie took on responsibility for the overall management of all the financial and IT aspects for the group as well as the day to day management of the Head Office team. For many years now she has been extensively involved in every aspect of the business from its national marketing to all operational aspects including coaching/mentoring franchisees.

With a sharp eye for detail, her outstanding knowledge in the systems and financial fields plus a wealth of operational and franchise experience, Ellie brings an outstanding level of knowledge and experience to the management team and Board of GoFox.

Grant Porteous

Grant Porteous - Adviser - Shareholder - GoFox Electrical and Plumbing


Commencing his career in the stock and station industry, as a young man Grant achieved immediate success. Grant was appointed to his first management role in his early 20s. He then developed a very successful corporate career working across many different industries in a wide range of roles. That included hands on operational management positions, sales and marketing leadership positions right through to senior executive roles.

He developed an extremely strong track record and reputation for significantly improving the business performance of any business he was leading. He was known as an individual who led from the front with a high work ethic, commercial astuteness and integrity, forming strong relationships and strong teams.

In the late 1990s Grant was again approached by another industry sector and joined the construction and building industry with Carter Holt Harvey. After having held a number of senior management positions in the industry, Grant was approached to take over the leadership of the NZ Master Franchise for G.J. Gardner Homes in 2002. 

At that time G.J. Gardner Homes was still a relatively young business in New Zealand and while it had achieved a good start, numerous issues were present in the business and its ongoing success was at risk.

Grant brought to G.J. Gardner Homes New Zealand a new vision and clear direction on how he believed the group needed to move forward to achieve sustained long-term success and to become a business renowned not just for its performance, but revered in its reputation for its service to customers, its values and the integrity in the way it operated.

Proof of the vision and leadership is “in the pudding” as they say. Under Grant’s leadership, in a very short period of time G.J. Gardner homes became and remains New Zealand’s pre-eminent building franchise and is revered for those very qualities mentioned above.

Today he remains strongly focused on leading G.J. Gardner Homes New Zealand. However he is excited about GoFox, not just as a shareholder but with the challenge and excitement to create a business that can bring more professionalism and success to another part of the industry as they have for their franchisees in G.J.’s. Accordingly he will be providing his advice and proven expertise to assist Mike in leading GoFox to the same success.


Important information: Each GoFox franchisee is an independently owned and operated business trading as a Gofox franchise in New Zealand and deals with customers, suppliers and other parties (together, Third Parties) in connection with such business.  All business dealings are solely between the GoFox franchisee and the Third Parties and no relationship, contract, arrangement or otherwise is created or exists between any of the Third Parties  and Trilogy Holdings Limited as the Gofox franchisor in New Zealand (Franchisor). “